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For many years Bladen has been a closely guarded secret for the select few, with awareness (and occasional jacket) passed down from one generation to another.

But finally the time has come to introduce Bladen Original and Bladen 1917, our range of business suits, town coats and dress suits, to a slightly wider, but equally discerning clientele.
Bladen first caught the attention of the well heeled gentry in the final years of the Great War, in 1917.

Established by two brothers, William and Arthur Bladen, the company originally supplied riding wear to the country classes. Quality was always the watchword as the label grew, with jackets, breeches and cavalry twills made from the finest cloth the British Isles had to offer.

Today that quality is still what makes Bladen so special, with details and designs that continue to delight.

Now under the custodianship of Wensum Tailoring, the Bladen brand is available to discerning clientele through a growing network of gentleman’s outfitters.
With the highest standards of traditional craftsmanship, meticulous attention to detail, the finest fabrics and unique designs, all combined with a truly British heritage, Bladen is perhaps not for everyone. Thankfully.


One cannot hurry quality. Which is why a Bladen jacket takes up to six weeks to create.

For those fascinated by such things, our interlinings are natural canvas, including pure horsehair, with a four piece chest set. For the rest of us that simply means your Bladen jacket will provide a near perfect and lasting fit across the chest and shoulders.

Linings are in satin or tinto filo, whilst our buttons are real horn, mother of pearl or corozo and are traditionally cross stitched. A flower loop provides the finishing touch to ensure your jacket is ready for any occasion.

All our trousers have a locker loop as standard whilst a curtain waistband with a rubber grip ensures your shirt is held in place .

We are especially proud that the British Isles has remained the preferred source for all of our fabrics since 1917, with the Scottish Borders in particular providing our most sought after cloths.

Truly a product of the landscape where they are made, there is nothing to match the fabrics from these mills whether in colour, quality, feel or enduring style.

Exclusive to Bladen are two very special fabrics - Supasax and Supasax Lite. Both use two-ply Saxony Woollen Yarn, whilst Supasax Lite is twisted with two-ply worsted yarn - to provide enhanced strength and lightness.

Reading about our fabrics can only ever tell you part of the story - the real magic is how the fabric feels to the touch and drapes to your shape - and for that you simply have to try one.

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