Monday, 4 February 2013

Rugby Ralph Lauren is closing ... A salute to Lee Norwood, designer of Rugby ...

Rugby Ralph Lauren is an American clothing brand launched in 2004 under the management of parent company Polo Ralph Lauren. The brand specializes in Preppy/Rugby inspired lifestyle apparel for male and female clientele ages 16 through 25. Rugby also encompasses Rugby Food & Spirits, a small café modeled after the brand and offering dining inspired by the Rugby theme. Rugby merchandise is available at twelve stores throughout the United States and as of August, 2008, online at
In November 2012, it was announced that Ralph Lauren would be ending the Rugby line by February 2013. At that time, the Rugby stores will close permanently and the website will go down.
The brand consists of a line of rugby shirts, polos, jackets, suits, dresses, outerwear and accessories, all with a distressed or embellished flair, as well as RRL signature Rugby Football shirts that can be customized by buying patches in-store.

Lee Norwood
 (…) “ Lee is one of many behind the scene designers that keeps the initials ‘RL’ polished across the globe. Lee’s natural humility is traced to growing up in North Carolina delivering newspapers, mowing lawns, bagging groceries, working on a farm, laying concrete, and painting houses. His southern upbringing and perspective on integrity came from a creative mother and an ordained father, principles Lee has shared with his wife, Betsy, and two daughters, Hattie (4), Jose (1). Lee carried these genuine values into his career and made his way up the ladder at RL from sales to design and learned that the Polo culture is about "Putting your life experiences into your work." Lee’s touch at RL is associated with functionality, durability, and timelessness. In Lee’s words, “I love the tradition of men's clothing, and how we pay more attention to fit and taste than to modernity or fashion. I like how in the past collections were created out of necessity, ... , people designed for a particular function.”
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