Thursday, 22 January 2015

Tim Collins Photography and Do Homem / Diniz & Cruz present "The Lisbon Connection."

The Lisbon Connection - Making Of (Short Version) from ZOF on Vimeo.

“JEEVES” was born in Lisbon
It is with extra enthusiasm that I present also in “Tweedland”, The Lisbon Connection.
Votos às Produções Do Homem / Diniz & Cruz, do Maior Sucesso e Felicidades !
António Sérgio Rosa de Carvalho / JEEVES .

Architectural Historian.

Tim Collins Photography :

“At over 100 years old, DoHomem - Diniz&Cruz is one of the oldest tailors in Lisbon. I loved being in there! Attention to detail was evident everywhere. I was told "We used to dress the poets here, Eça de Queirós and Fernando, and after that we dressed the politicians". "Originally the fabric was brought back from Perrys in London - and it was said that our way of dressing people was a doorway to the world".

One thing that makes this place so special is that one of the tailors working there is currently 87 years old, and he's been working there for 40 years. It was a pleasure to watch Mr Horácio, and the other tailors at work dressing our Lisbon 3, in the finest attire.

Marco Neto, Nuno Silvailva, Francisco C.
Project Development/Stylist: Sven Signe den Hartogh The Stranded Sailors
@DoHomem - Diniz&Cruz - Dalmata Lisboa
Clothes and shoes:
DoHomem - Diniz&Cruz - Dalmata Lisboa
Botas D'Ornellas
Stylist: Patrícia Oliveira
Make-up & Hair: Miguel Molena
Make-up assistent: Daniela Homero
Video: ZOF, Creative Film Production (Miguel Marques e Ricardo Figueiredo)”

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