Monday, 16 February 2015

Grand Designs Indoors - The Dilapidated Georgian House, London (S01E03)

Grand Designs - the Dilapidated Georgian House
"Featuring Tony and Sharon Relph, a couple restoring a dilapidated 200 year old Georgian house in London, to its former glory. They have very little money and plan to do most of the work themselves. If they manage to restore the grade two listed house in the Georgian style, the council will allow them to live there rent free for a period of their lease. They peel back layers of wallpaper to find a historical scrapbook of finishes which is donated to The English National Heritage. A modern interpretation of a period home with close attention to detail and sensitive repair, this is a true labour of love."

( In “Virtuoso Channel”)

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Chronica Domus said...

I remember watching this a few years ago and being impressed by the dedication this couple invested in this beautiful property. A true labor of love indeed.