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Brita Hirsch The Master Tailor and Textile Engineer / VIDEO: Interviews - Brita Hirsch, Hirsch Tailoring

Tailoring Academy
SEPTEMBER 14, 2017
The Tailoring Academy

As a Master Tailor and Textile Engineer with 30 years experience, I am delighted to launch The Tailoring Academy as the first UK training centre to offer a new, exciting opportunity to learn the all important skills in a modern way – the new ABC Level 5 Diploma in Bespoke Tailoring. Combining the heritage of tailoring training with key production skills and cutting practices, this specialist qualification will give learners the opportunity to develop industry-relevant knowledge and demonstrate high levels of speed, accuracy, precision and consistency.

Fortunate to have received my training at Tom Reimer, Germany’s answer to the world-famous Savile Row tailors, I had opportunity to work for some of the most knowledgable and discerning customers. This was ultimately key to honing my own skills to the highest level. Read here about how making tails for the great, late Luciano Pavarotti, a truly terrifying challenge at first, turned out to be one of the most rewarding encounters of my learning years.

Today, providing years of meticulous training is often not a realistic option for small businesses who need to keep their cost in check. Common practice is therefore to train apprentices to be specialists in one area only – trouser makers, cutters or finishers – and become part of what is, essentially, a small production chain. This is beneficial for the employer, of course, but does not enable the younger generation of tailors to be entrepreneurs themselves. The wider issue is that skills are lost as a consequence.  The Tailoring Academy is here to change this.

The time has come for a training facility that addresses the shortage of dedicated practical training for a new generation of aspiring tailors. The Tailoring Academy provides a complete tailoring training schedule and fully a acknowledged qualification. I believe that young people with a passion for the craft deserve a modern approach to their training. Anyone willing to invest time and dedication to learn a skill that knows no shortcuts should receive a full education that empowers them to be masters of the craft.

In addition to the full-time diploma course, The Tailoring Academy also has short courses for individual and small groups on offer.


I am a bespoke tailor and textile engineer with close to 30 years experience in the sector. Having developed a drive for quality and precision during a three year traditional apprenticeship in Germany, it was during my time with master tailor Tom Reimer, Germany’s answer to the world-famous Savile Row tailors, when my skills were really honed. His love of 1940s Italian and British style and persistence on diligence meant I had opportunity to develop my craftsmanship to the highest level.

The only way to acquire real skill in fine, bespoke tailoring is to spend many years of practice alongside a master of the craft. And example for the complexity of just one area of the process is the handmade button hole, a hallmark of every true bespoke suit: it is commonly accepted that it takes one hundred practice attempts to fully master the task.

In today’s fast-moving world, even heritage craft must often succumb to the need for efficiency and providing years of meticulous practice is just not a realistic option to small business that needs to keep cost in check. Common practice on Savile Row today, therefore, is to train an apprentice in a specialism, to be a trouser maker, cutter or finisher – and become part of a small production chain.

I am fortunate to have received full training in all aspects of the bespoke tailoring process, enabling me to make your coat or suit from beginning to end myself, starting with your exclusive pattern, to meticulously finishing every hand stitched detail.

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