Tuesday, 27 October 2015

The Seat / Shooting Stick / VÍDEO: Vintage GAMEBIRD Folding Seat Stick Walking Cane Britain

A shooting stick is a combined walking stick and folding chair. It is generally used as a short-term seat at outdoor events.

A traditional British shooting stick is a wooden or metal shaft terminating at the base in a plate foot, with a bifurcated handle at top that folds out to form a simple seat. The seat may be a narrow saddle of leather or webbing. The plate foot typically extends into a metal point intended to dig into the ground for support, although a rubber ferrule may be offered for use on hard surfaces

Tirion History & Tradition
In the late 19th century, Victor Alexis Noirit, a French saddler, moved to London to further enhance his business and reputation, before moving to Walsall.

In 1921, Noirit took out the first Shooting Stick patent.

Premier Seat Sticks since 1921
By 1933, the shooting sticks produced carried the logo of ‘Tirion’, which is Noirit spelt backwards.

There was a leather stitching shop where the seats were hand stitched and they were exported to all parts of the world.

The golf professionals, especially in America, were big customers.
Tirion is now owned by H. Goodwin Castings, an old established metal foundry located in Walsall, England.

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