Tuesday, 13 April 2021

Some good news for a change. Dashing Tweeds are back

Some good news for a change

Dashing Tweeds are back



8 APRIL 2021



Since pagan times, festivals around the Spring Equinox have celebrated birth and the general joy of being alive. Now this seems more relevant than ever. As from Monday a bright new world of open shops and getting our hair cut greets us all.


We will be allowed to stroll the high street, greet friends, drink outside pubs and go to buy fresh new clothes at Dashing Tweeds.


Joie de vivre is an essential element of Dashing and spreading a ‘little happiness as you go by’ to quote Mr Cinders is a personal mantra. Now you too can bring joy to yourself and others around you; ‘Keep out the gloom, let in the sun, that’s my advice for everyone’.


We will open from the 12th, Monday to Friday 11am to 6pm and by appointment on Saturdays.


As an extra enticement we are offering a 30% discount to the first 3 people to book a made to measure appointment once we reopen.

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