Tuesday 6 October 2015

Sheep on the Row, Monday 5th October 2015 / VÍDEO: Sheep graze in central London for National Wool Week

OCTOBER 2, 2015
Sheep on the Row, Monday 5th October 2015
One of the largest public events for Wool Week 2015 will take place on Savile Row – the centre of men’s luxury tailoring in London – on Monday 5th October 2015.

As sheep graze, visitors will be welcomed to the open Row and tailoring houses event to learn how wool is used by the great British tailoring industry. The iconic street will be transformed into a green pasture, covered in turf and closed to traffic while Bowmont Merino and Exmoor sheep graze along the Row. A ‘live’ model presentation that brings together leading wool mills with Savile Row bespoke tailors will showcase over 25 bespoke menswear outfits and demonstrate the versatility that can be found in wool.
Members of the public will have access to the intricate processes involved in transforming wool from the fleece through to fabric; thus immersing themselves in the values of The Campaign for Wool.
Savile Row – Sheep On The Row will be open to the public from 10:00 – 18:00 Monday 5th October.

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