Sunday, 11 June 2017

Sunday Images / The Henley Regatta Badges


The Regatta Enclosure is situated on the Berkshire bank, just downstream from the Stewards' Enclosure. It is open to competitors, supporters and the general public. The Regatta Enclosure offers seating alongside the river and in an open grandstand. There is also an excellent covered restaurant, an outside dining area and a bar.
Regatta Enclosure badges are valid for the whole day and must be worn at all times within the Enclosure. Badges are also valid for entry into the Boat Tent area .

Stewards' Enclosure
The enclosure situated on the Berkshire side, adjacent to the last part of the course and the finish line. It comprises two covered grandstands, a restaurant marquee, several bars, a bandstand and so on - all set in immaculately prepared lawns. It is only open to the Stewards of the Regatta, members of the Stewards' Enclosure and their guests. Overseas competitors are also given the opportunity to purchase tickets.

The Stewards' Enclosure as understood today, an enclosure open to members (elected by the Committee of Management of the Regatta) and their guests, came into being in 1919 with a membership of 300. This grew to 704 in 1939 and 1,500 in 1956. In 1980 the Stewards set a ceiling of 5,000. The waiting list for membership of the Stewards Enclosure is now several years long, although preference is given to people who have previously competed at the regatta. The waiting list has grown rapidly since the 1970s, when membership could be applied for and granted on the same day.

The social position of the event means that some in the Stewards' Enclosure (and elsewhere along the course) may have no interest in the actual rowing.

The Stewards' Enclosure is also known for a strict enforcement of its dress code. Men are required to wear a "lounge suit, blazer and flannels, or evening dress, and a tie". Women are required to wear a dress or skirt that covers their knees, and are "encouraged to wear a hat" (although women wearing hats is often frowned upon in higher rowing circles). Anyone not suitably dressed can be refused entry, no matter their prestige in rowing or elsewhere. Mobile phone use is also prohibited.

The regatta prizegiving takes place in the Stewards' Enclosure after the conclusion of racing on Sunday.

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