Monday, 2 January 2012

The Tweed Argyll Jacket.

"The Tweed Argyll / Crail Jacket is another one of Scotland's most popular Highland Dress garments. It is classified as Day Wear or Semi Dress, which makes it perfect for smart events that are not too Formal. The Tweed Argyll has become increasingly popular as a wedding wear jacket with many couples opting for coloured tweeds as opposed to the standard black barathea. TheTweed Argyll jacket is made entirely from tweed and generally has a single button to fasten. The epaulettes are usually flat, plain cloth and the sleeves are generally Gauntlet cuff. However many Argyll jackets now feature a crail cuff, which is a single button. The standard buttons on the tweed Argyll are the immitation stag horn buttons, not the traditional silver buttons."

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