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Clothes and the Horse: A Guide to Correct Dress for All Riding Occasions by Sydney D. Barney, 1953.

 Clothes and the Horse: A Guide to Correct Dress for All Riding Occasions
Author: Barney, Sydney
Publisher: London 1953
(…) (T)his is a reference book for the men, women, and children who want to know what well-dressed riders wore in the 1950's. It includes both tailored and ready-to-wear clothes, and stresses economy for the beginner. Frontispiece is a black and white photo of Queen Elizabeth presenting Lieutenant-Colonel Harry Llewllyn with a bronze statuette of Foxhunter at Badminton 1952. There are several other B/W photos and drawings to illustrate the book.
In http://www.tomfolio.com/bookdetailssu.asp?b=4019&m=737

 “This is a book that often gets advertised in period issues of The Tailor & Cutter. It was published in London, 1953 and presents a classical English view on correct riding attire. It is essential reading for any tailor who is called upon to cut equestrian cloths. Riders have very specific requirements in their sport and the cutter must be mindful of these. A bespoke riding garment has the potential to give the competitor an edge both in their presentation, personal confidence as well as it a greater range of movement permitted by the corrected fitted garment. A good many items in the gentleman's wardrobe such as the dress coat, morning coat and hacking jacket also have their origins in riding attire.”
In, with Photographs: http://www.cutterandtailor.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=956
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