Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Campbell’s of Beauly Country tailor and outfitters

Campbell’s of Beauly
Country tailor and outfitters

Estate Tweed
Designing tweed and manufacturing clothing since 1858
Campbell’s have a long history of working with estates, with over 100 on our books today, from the rocky glen’s on Scotland’s West coast to the grouse moors of Aberdeenshire.
Estate tweeds are very much still alive and act as a traditional uniform for employees, gamekeepers and stalkers alike. They are the exclusive patterns of many Scottish estates, some handed down through the generations, which only the estate’s owners and workers are entitled to wear. As a result we work closely with one of the most experienced cloth designers in the country to ensure the perfect tweed for the landscape.
The principal of the estate tweed is for the keepers, stalkers and ghillies to remain camouflaged while on the land on which they work. For example, grey tweeds being favoured on the rocky land on the West, to browner tweeds for the eastern Scottish grouse moors

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