Thursday, 1 December 2011

Ready to slip on ... ?

The Gentleman’s Slipper book by Fiona Dreesmann, a beautifully illustrated, 150 page tribute to men and their slippers. With photographs of famous slipper wearing men including film star Brad Pitt, racing legend Sir Jackie Stewart, religious leader Pope Benedict XVI and historian Nick Foulkes, The Gentleman’s Slipper offers a unique insight into the life of this most intimate item of male footwear and history of the craftsmanship from the ancient times until today. The Gentleman’s Slipper is a must for the discerning dresser. All profits from the sale of the book will be donated to the charity Help for Heroes.

The ‘Albert Slipper’ is the sturdy lace-less velvet, patent, suede or linen slip-on shoe with quilted lining popularised by Prince Albert in the mid 19th Century. Originally worn strictly around the home or at the most formal of royal occasions, the Albert slipper has today become the trend in formal and casual footwear.
Founded in 2010 by Fiona Dreesmann, after falling in love with the style and comfort of her late grandfather’s Albert Slippers, ‘My Slippers’ is today one of the lesser known manufacturers of the famous slip-on shoe. Unlike the slippers’ new found American manufacturers however; but more akin to the traditional manufactures in England and France, My Slippers can boast handmade and bespoke products crafted to the highest standards using traditional techniques made from the finest materials available.
My Slippers’ product portfolio is considerable for such a young brand. Today, you can not only commission slippers for men but also for women. Moreover, you can choose between sublime velvet, linen, or wool materials in an array of colours. Each and every pair of handmade slippers is expertly cut, formed and lasted using traditional methods that produce the highest standards of quality. My Slippers offers customers a choice of plain slippers, standard embroided motifs & monograms, or custom motifs & monograms in an array of richly coloured threads including gold and silver. Slippers generally take 8 weeks to manufacture depending on the complexity of motif or monogram requested. According to Fiona Dreesmann, founder of My Slippers…
"All of our slippers are hand made to order and My Slippers would like you have what you want rather than being dictated to. The idea is that you can choose your base colour, trim and embroidery so that you will have something unique that has been made for you to your own requirements. This is the basic style of My Slippers."
For those seeking the ultra-exclusive bespoke slipper My Slippers offer a needlepoint service. A meeting is had at My Slippers’ office in Central London with clients seeking this service to sketch ideas, these are then translated onto canvas and hand stitched. The needlepoint is then stretched and handmade into slippers. The entire needlepoint process takes approximately 6 months with prices start from £1500.
My Slippers offer a quality bespoke service second to none. The slippers provided to CoutureLiving for review show meticulous attention to detail, particularly on the detailed monogram, and supreme comfort. My Slippers offer supremely elegant and comfortable bespoke slippers to the discerning few.

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