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'Teba' jacket, legendary sport/hunting jacket created for Carlos-Alfonso de Mitjans y Fitz James Stuart, Count of Teba.

This book is a remarkable biography of the famous Spanish sportsmen Carlos-Alfonso de Mitjans y Fitz James Stuart, Count of Teba; since his childhood as grand-nephew of the former Empress of the French--Eugenia de Montijo, Countess of Teba... His youth, his wedding with the charming Mexican aristocrat Elena Verea y Corcuera; and all the international contests and championships where he participated, where he always obtained the 1st place.
This Palace is unique. You won´t be able to find any other similar place in Spain. It was built in the XV Century as a hunting pavilion for the wealthy and powerful cardinals of Toledo. The palace has been enlarged and improved by the succeeding generations of the Teba family and at present you will find a place with all the warmth and taste of the past but with all the commodities of today.
The gardens of the palace were designed by French landscaper, Jean Claude Nicolas Forestier at the end of the XIX Century, and they have been kept exactly the same as they were. With thousands of wild hectares is the most emblematic partridge shooting estate in Spain. The first drive in Spain took place in 1880, organized by the Duke of Santoña with HRM King Alfonso XII. The Count of Teba, continued to hold shoots in the same grand style to the present day. Inspired by his love of the sport and the estate, the family has decided to maintain the tradition on this extraordinary property, which is located in one of the most beautiful landscapes of Toledo, on the banks of the river Tajo.

'Teba' jacket Zarautz

The popular and stylish summer jacket was created by Mary Sorreluz Miigica, exquisite and famous dressmaker Zarautz fifty years


 This is the story of a jacket born from the hands of a seamstress Zarautz, Sorreluz Miigica Mary, now deceased. A garment that popularized the Count of Teba, vacationer coastal town of San Sebastian half a century. Today, a Teba jacket menswear is sold in any qualified trade traditional male clothing. There are thousands of 'Thebes' made and sold in Spain that neither could imagine Mary, when in his workshop in Zarautz milliner devised this comfortable garment.

 Pia employee Ridel, donostiarra trade dress clothes men provided the first clue. "The Dressmaker of Zarautz created for the Count of Teba, who wanted a comfortable jacket to compete in Pigeon Shooting Igeldo and Zarautz. Yet their descendants still live in that town and are our customers. " Several calls to different dressmakers, popular half a century ago in the town, they were useless, despite the kindness of each and their relatives.

 Nor did result in a visit to the Society of St. Sebastian shot Basollúa, though one remembered the Count. So the best option was to return to Ridel, Easo street, and leave message to Pious and trade officials, Victoria and Javier Gaytan de Ayala: if they return the descendants of Mary, to leave a contact telephone number.

 And so it happened. He had to talk to Mariasun, little daughter Mary, dressmaker that deserves to go to the little story of Gipuzkoa clothing.

 Mariasun, lovely woman, that his mother "was very good seamstress. He was very famous in Zarautz in the fifties. He had a workshop with eight or ten employees and many customers in Arenal Street, corner of Viscount Molina. The aristocracy who summered in Zarautz will charge suits and dresses. My two older sisters helped him, but I was small, I hated the needle and thread. I never liked sewing but admired the work of my mother. "

 You know, today confeccionaba a dress to a certain lady and when I saw the address as you asked Mary to go Sorreluz them. That was how the Count of Teba woman came to the workshop dressmaker. "Her husband, tired of the uncomfortable traditional jackets in shooting competitions, told him to ask his dressmaker to see if I could make a comfortable jacket yet elegant." Whispers Mariasun between smiles "then to go to a shooting had to go very elegant suit and tie, ha ha." The Count of Teba quoted in the house where Mary vacationed and said exactly what I wanted. "My mother went back to the shop, picked up a very fine wool fabric, put buttons on the edges, other cuffs, so it does not move and should be opened and three deep pockets."

 A success of the two

The success was complete. The Dressmaker quality and popularity and elegance of the Count of Teba jacket made it were copied at sporting environments and some savvy manufacturer produced them in series with the same commercial success. "She did not care, because at that time there was no copyright. Had patented jacket, does the money he had won! "Exclaims Mariasun.

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