Saturday, 17 June 2017

The latest book by Bernhard Roetzel: A Gentleman's Look Book

The latest book by Bernhard Roetzel:  A Gentleman's Look Book
 published by H.F. Ullman on 31 July 2017.

You ve often heard the proverb You don t get a second chance to make a first impression And why? Because it s true. Appearance counts! And the appearance of a gentleman is his stage. In A Gentleman s Look Book, menswear and style expert Bernhard Roetzel presents stylish combinations fit for every occasion from elegant to casual chic. For this book, the author has summoned the best dressed men from the fashion scene to share their favorite looks. What does a man wear to a business-lunch, over the weekend, or on special occasions? From the tie to the shoe, from the shirt to the tuxedo everything a man needs for a stylish appearance is shown in exquisite color photos and diverse, elegant outfits. In the business look, the gentleman appears in a classic and formal outfit, which has many advantages. Bernhard Roetzel: The classic look is timeless, independent of fashions and trends so to say. It is however timeless in the sense that you can wear classic clothing at any age. The look of the casual gentleman is well suited for day-to-day life. On the one hand, the wearer demonstrates timeless taste; on the other, he shows himself to be finely dressed, despite a certain casualness. The wardrobe for festive occasions shows the gentleman in striking, yet discreet elegance.

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