Monday, 21 November 2016

False Image Fashion Podcast Episode #23: Photographer & Filmmaker Rose Callahan.

Featured this week on the False Image Fashion Podcast is Photographer & Filmmaker Rose Callahan. Rose assisted many notable photographers before establishing herself as a commercial photographer, and more recently, filmmaker, in collaboration with her husband Kelly Desmond Bray.In 2008, Rose began The Dandy Portraits blog to tell the nuanced story of extreme masculine elegance alive today. In 2013, I am Dandy: The Return of the Elegant Gentleman, a coffee table book of Rose's dandy portraits, with profiles written by Nathaniel Adams, was published by Gestalten Press.The book profiles a diverse group of 57 men for whom dressing - and by extension their home and lifestyle - is elevated to an art. In addition to working with commercial clients, Rose is the exclusive photographer for the Metropolitan Opera’s style blog Last Night at the Met since 2013, for which she documents the diverse personal style of the audience as they mingle and strut in the iconic opera house. Rose is on the brink of releasing her second published book entitled We Are Dandy which includes 56 profiles of extraordinary gentlemen from Italy, Japan, South Africa, France, and much more. We are excited to have Rose Callahan join the False Image Fashion Podcast Experience.

Thanks to Glenn Wiggins of the False Image Podcast for dropping by to ask me (and Kelly!) about my work and our work together and letting me give very long answers! When we met Glenn after the Advanced Style Older and Wiser book launch we invited him along with us to see Dandy Wellington at his weekly show and had a good time talking about his love of in depth stories about people's lives. He was seeking to find the details about how certain achievements happen...the missing links that people often just gloss over in the story of "oh I was just making my own clothes and then Anna Wintour called me up!", etc, etc. I share this fascination. So if you ever wanted to know more about my is an hour long conversation! (My mother will love it!)

Rose Callahan is a photographer and filmmaker living in Brooklyn, New York. Rose is the creator of The Dandy Portraits blog and photographer/co-author of I am Dandy: The Return of the Elegant Gentleman (Gestalten 2013), and the upcoming We are Dandy: The Elegant Gentleman Around the World (Gestalten 2016). In addition to working for editorial, corporate, and advertising clients, Rose is the exclusive photographer for the Met Opera’s style blog Last Night at the Met.

You can contact her for assignments, to license images, or just say hi at, or follow her via instagram & twitter @rcallahanphoto.

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