Sunday 20 November 2022

Made in England | The Iconic Landowner John Partridge’s Wax Jacket

John Partridge’s authentic heritage and strong brand values started half a century ago in 1969. Originally called ‘Landowner’ our company grew out of a farm market supplies business; farmers past and present can attest that John Partridge means value for money, well made, great fabrics, comfortable fit and made for the long term.

Influenced by farm and English country life, John Partridge’s core values include products that are skilfully handcrafted to be passed from generation to generation. We design for longevity. We believe that form must follow function, that function must offer the greatest comfort, and that comfort reflects a certain character, a certain style. The fabrics we use feel better as each day goes by, aided by traditional manufacturing methods where quality is a matter of pride, not numbers.

Made in England since 1969.

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