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Sartoria italiana. Uno sguardo nel mondo dei grandi sarti italiani.


Sartoria italiana. Uno sguardo nel mondo dei grandi sarti italiani. Ediz. illustrata Copertina rigida – Illustrato, 14 giugno 2018

di Yoshimi Hasegawa (Autore), Luke Carby (Fotografo), Maria Valeria Caredda (Traduttore), Flora Bonetti (Traduttore)

Italian haute couture and its major protagonists. Haute couture is a tradition of excellence in our country. The clothes, especially those of men's tailoring, are in fact real works of art, which hide the secrets and history of the city in which they are produced and are the result of a long sartorial tradition made of elegance and taste, where even the smallest detail is executed with the utmost care and attention. In fact, tailor-made clothes and shoes involve the meticulous execution of measurements on the customer and the transformation of those measurements into a perfect garment, thanks to the skilful craftsmanship of the tailors and the refinement of the fabrics. A long and masterful work for a unique style that is recognizable at first glance. Introduced by the chapter dedicated to Vitale Barberis Canonico (the famous Made in Italy company that has been producing fabrics since 1663) and divided into four sections (northern Italy, central Italy, southern Italy Naples and southern Italy Bari and Palermo), the book presents 27 historic tailors in Italy and their major protagonists (from Donnadio to Musella Dembech,  from Liverano&Liverano to Rubinacci and Attolini, from A. Caraceni to Ciardi and Pirozzi) in a complete guide through Italy, from north to south, to discover haute couture and tailors who have shaped the Italian style known all over the world.

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