Friday, 14 February 2014


Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, London
Creative Director: Ecd Malcolm Poynton,
Creative Partner: Neil Dawson
Copywriter: Nick Simons, Jules Chalkley
Art Director: Jules Chalkley, Nick Simons
Photographer: Finlay Mc Kay
Biography - Nick Holland

Holland Esquire is the product of life long tailor Nick Holland. Having grown up alongside the industry, his dad was an influential tailor in the 70's, Hollands education in tailoring came predominantly from hands on experience, informing him of the workings and make up of his career and passion.

This 'hands on' teaching and design has educated him of the 'boundaries' and constrictive complexities associated with traditional tailoring. For Holland tailoring is a hand crafted experience that should be evident in the final product, and it is his knowledge of the precise detailing and challenges that goes into the construction of a suit that allows him to find new development methods and aesthetics.

Hollands approach to design comes from re-interpreting the challenges of tailoring each season and how he can break down and further extend these boundaries. His technical hands on knowledge help him to consider the build and construction of a suit and the details of the different components that may have previously restricted its development. Traditionally the complexities of mass production of suiting have been a constraint but Holland now works with his production teams helping to re-educate the art of tailoring into a fashion focus for a wider market.

Over recent years Nick was featured in the Britains Ten Best Tailors Room at Harrods and was a founder director of Liam Gallagher's Pretty Green Label where in their first year they won Drapers Menswear Label of the year. Nick now continues to progress the innovative tailoring that has become Holland Esquire's signature while acting as a consultant to worldwide fashion brands.

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