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Royal family distance themselves from Prince Andrew / Calls to strip Prince Andrew of Duke of York title

Calls to strip Prince Andrew of Duke of York title


Local MP says position is ‘untenable’ and association with city must end in light of US sexual assault allegations

Prince Andrew’s Duke of York title has been described as ‘untenable’.


Mark Brown North of England correspondent

Fri 14 Jan 2022 10.38 GMT


Calls have been made in York for Prince Andrew to relinquish his title of Duke of York, with the city’s Labour MP calling it “untenable”.


The demand by Rachael Maskell, the MP for York Central, echoed sentiments expressed by a senior councillor, Darryl Smalley, who said the association was tarnishing the city’s reputation.


Maskell said: “It’s untenable for the Duke of York to cling on to his title another day longer; this association with York must end. There’s a very serious allegation made against this man of privilege and entitlement. I’m working with agencies to tackle sexual violence and misogyny.”


Smalley, a Liberal Democrat who is an executive member for culture, leisure and communities on the city of York council, said it had been argued that Andrew losing titles was important to protect the military.


“I think the vast majority of people in York feel exactly the same in protecting the reputation of the city.”


Smalley said it might require an act of parliament to remove the title but that should not stop it happening because of the shame being brought on Andrew as Duke of York.


“York is fantastic, we have got a lot to be proud of and one thing we don’t want is to be so burdened with this link to Prince Andrew.”


Given the cost of living crisis and the scandal over the Covid parties in Downing Street, Smalley said he was not going to pretend that Prince Andrew was the number one issue for residents of York.


“It is important for us as councillors and city leaders that we raise these concerns, just as servicemen and veterans did in their letter to the Queen.


“It’s our duty really to make clear that we are very unhappy that despite him not using titles such as ‘His Royal Highness’ he still somehow retains the title of Duke of York. It seems strange to a lot of us here in York.”


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