Tuesday 28 May 2013

Tatler Perfumery. Bologna

Gianfranco: “When I decided to open Tatler, I didn’t say anything to anyone. I didn’t ask for advises. I didn’t want them. You know, people are generous with advises and some of them are actually punctual and right … so inevitably you start thinking about them and … The think is that I wanted to make my own mistakes and to do exactly what I wanted to do. A place where to meet new people and old friends, a place to share. Fragrances work just as trait d’union to link all my interests, and this is probably why I chose them, because they can go well with anything, art, people, books…”
Gianfranco: “All sort of people come to Tatler. Business man as well as young people who are still studying or have just got a job (or lost it). We talk, about life, about the current situation in Italy, about ideas. Someone asks me for advises. What I personally think is that we should always try to fly high, to have strong ideas that guide us and to keep following them. And be honest with ourselves even when things are difficult to admit.”
Text by Valeria Racemoli, Photo by Claudia Falcomatà [Bologna] // 24.06.2012

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Da sinistra: Luca Zarattini, Eleonora Sole Travagli e Gianfranco Salomoni.

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