Friday, 11 December 2015

Downton Abbey Series 6 Special Teaser Trailer Exclusive FINAL EPISODE

The 2015 Christmas Special, also known as The Finale, is the holiday episode of the sixth series of Downton Abbey. It is the final episode of the sixth series and serves as the finale for the entire show. It will be set between July 25 and December 31, 1925[. It will air on December 25th, 2015 in the UK, and on February 28th, 2016 in the US.

It will be approximately two hours long and will air at 8:45pm on ITV on Christmas Day, 2015.

Between July 25-December 31, 1925: Mary endeavors to build bridges with her younger sister, but Edith's family secret continues to pose a threat, even after she thought there was nothing left to lose. As Henry settles into the role of husband and stepfather, scars left by Charlie’s tragic death are slow to heal fully, while Carson struggles to come to terms with developments which prove that even he is not invulnerable to change. Spratt's successful moonlighting venture is threatened by the continued conniving of Ms. Denker, and Daisy may have missed her chance with an admirer. Isobel receives devastating news and when the young Greys' scheming takes a sinister turn, and she and Violet join forces. Robert must learn the value of independence while the day that Anna and Bates have been waiting for finally arrives.

The final episode of the overall series offers all the love and loss, happiness and heartbreak of Downton Abbey, and as the family and servants prepare to welcome the year of 1926, they celebrate an unforgettable New Year’s Eve together at the great house.

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